Select Your Bedroom

No matter what time of year you visit, each bedroom is a unique retreat.

Private, Ensuite 3/4 and
Full Bath Guest Rooms with Ocean Views ~ Both well-suited for families

The Bridal Suite
The Bridal Suite ~ #6

Suitable for a couple with or without one child
The Captain's Quarter
The Captain’s Quarters ~ #9

Suitable for a couple or family with up to three children

Private, Ensuite Half Bath Guest Room with Ocean View

Serenity Suite
Serenity Suite ~ #1

Romantic, Serene Atmosphere
with canopy full-sized bed

Shared Bath Guest Rooms
(some with Ocean Views)

Grandma's Boudoire
Grandma’s Boudoir ~ #2

with one king-sized bed
Beachside Romance
Beachside Romance ~ #3

with one king-sized bed
The Mirror Room
The Mirror Room ~ #4

Good for families with up to two children or as the "Kids' Room"
Boone Island Light
Boone Island Light ~ #5

Serene Atmosphere with one full-sized bed
The Clubhouse
The Clubhouse ~ #8

Good for families with up to two children or as the "Kids' Room"
Attic Treasures
Attic Treasures ~ #10

Good for families with one child or as the "Kids' Room"
Country Comforts
Country Comforts ~ #11

Near kitchen and other shared spaces on the first floor
with one full-sized bed

With its serene atmosphere and beautiful ocean views, our ten-bedroom home is the perfect setting for replenishing the body, mind and spirit. Whatever time of year, you decide to come to York Harbor, here you may escape and find inner tranquility. The home offers a range of bedrooms with a private ensuite full bathroom, a private ensuite 3/4 bathroom, a private ensuite half bathroom and shared baths.

Most of the home's bedrooms have spectacular ocean views, bringing in the healing sounds of the ocean and the clean, fresh smell of the sea.

The summer temperatures in New England are unpredictable; and older homes, such as ours, do not have central air conditioning. However, we have provided ceiling fans (in select rooms, please inquire), window fans, and box fans to help move the air within the Inn.